I haven’t been watching IHOP much lately. I only find some of what is sung there anointed — the prayer times, especially — never any repentance for supporting the Bush wars and torture.

But this “Spirit without measure” phrase is very foundational for the revival to happen. ‘ONE’ is going to happen where the people are truly ONE with each other, in Christ. We need to love everyone as much as ourselves, not just a select few — and God with ALL of our heart.

Also strangely missing are prayers for us to get right with fellow believers who have been hurt — to admit we were wrong so we can be clean — fearless — abiding in Christ, lifting holy hands to the Lord.

No one wants to talk about reconciliation, which was the key to the Welsh revival and Asbury.

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A true, spiritual revival theme was just sung at IHOP
(International House of Prayer):

“The Spirit WITHOUT MEASURE will be given
to the people WITHOUT MIXTURE.”

May we be ‘ONE’ — John 17 realized

: )