From: Chuck Baldwin’s Facebook post

Some questions for so many of my pastor and Christian brethren:

Why is it so hard for them to believe that there is a dark side to the US government? Why is it so hard for them to believe in government conspiracies? Why can they not recognize the New World Order that is being constructed before their very eyes? Why do they not see the burgeoning police state that is taking place before their very eyes? Why do they place so much trust and confidence in the Republican Party? Why are they so hesitant to take a stand for the Second Amendment? How can they be such enthusiastic cheerleaders for perpetual war? How could they be so blind to constitutional government? How dare they accept “faith-based” taxpayer monies from the federal government? Why do they believe that God would not allow them to go through tribulation when so many of their fellow Christians around the world are already in tribulation? How can they be so ignorant of the Biblical principles of liberty and Natural Law? If the Holy Spirit guides us into “all truth,” why are they not able to see so much truth about what is going on in our country? Why do they love Rick Warren and loathe Ron Paul? How could they support Mitt Romney and reject Ron Paul? Why do they not know who Pastor Jonas Clark was? Why do they give police a pass when they ignore and trample the Fourth Amendment? How can they not know how sinister the CFR and Federal Reserve are? How can they say that “soulwinning” trumps anything and everything else and then do so little of it? How can they use the Rapture in the by and by as an excuse to sit back and do nothing to resist the rising tyranny that is happening in the now and now?

Just a few questions.