I was discussing Hollywood with some ‘Christians’ on Facebook who spend a lot of their time watching movies, full nudity and all. And now they’ve adopted and teach the once-saved-always-saved mindset in which they emphasize that “fearing the Lord” and fearing eternal consequences for sin is bondage. Now they are free to do anything and still go to heaven.

And they literally laugh at me, and say I’m square when I stand up for truth.

They have become like Hollywood; though, once were on fire for God.

I’m hoping and praying, and trying to speak the truth in love no matter what.

I just now wrote to them on Facebook:

I just heard these four words as I woke up from a nap (the brief in-between sleep and awake stage):

“Garbage in; garbage out.”

So if we focus on Hollywood, a key source of The Matrix mindset programming, we’ll become Hollywood Babylon.

* * *

The brief “in-between sleep and awake stage” is a good time to hear God, by the way — especially for issues that may be close to our heart — that we may have a strong emotional bias towards — like who to marry, etc. Because our will can’t interfere while we’re still in this partial sleep state.

Hollywood is certainly not one of those emotional issues for me, but this really is a good time to focus on, trust in, and write down immediately (before we forget) what we just heard from the Holy Spirit’s still and small voice.

* * *


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