[ music video ] The amazing Mr. Phil Keaggy!: Roland AC-33 Demo — “Testing one two. Testing one two, trusting One True!”

Notice how he’s doing a demo for Roland, and he gets away with talking about God! He is so sweet and so talented!

“Testing one two. Testing one two, trusting One True!”

Actual playing starts at about minute-2.

Really cool vocal harmonies through this rig at the end!

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq30Y1VgD4c]Roland AC-33 Phil Keaggy Demo

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Published on Apr 17, 2012

Guitarist and vocalist Phil Keaggy demonstrates the AC-33 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier.

2 thoughts on “[ music video ] The amazing Mr. Phil Keaggy!: Roland AC-33 Demo — “Testing one two. Testing one two, trusting One True!”

    1. jotham,

      First, I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I have an entire category called “The Catholic Deception,” but I also believe that most evangelical churches are teaching false doctrine too, especially once-saved-always-saved.

      And thanks for sharing this article. I didn’t know Phil sees the road to heaven being that wide, without Jesus having to be Lord of our lives, apparently. But this is pretty much mainstream Christianity these days, and Phil is not a religious leader pushing really any doctrine from what I can tell. I don’t follow Phil much anymore. I ‘like’ his page on Facebook, which is how I saw this video. He hardly ever sends anything out, and I don’t see him pushing any doctrine other than God is awesome, love Jesus.

      I think he’s a sweet man with a big heart. And he loves God despite his wife having a number of miscarriages. And what an amazing guitarist. Most guys with a gift like that would be so puffed up and prideful, but he just smiles and plays to please people and demonstrate the love of Christ.

      I admire that. Doing what he does, he could really play for anyone and it would be okay.

      The people I’m concerned with are those pushing false doctrines and keeping real Christianity from happening. I think Phil is spreading the love of Jesus, and he even influences hard core metal musicians by his open-about-Jesus testimony. He’s not afraid to share his faith even in this commercial!

      Amazing man. I have many of his CDs; though, I haven’t purchased one in probably 15 or more years. Some are flat out excellent. Have you ever heard “The Wind and the Wheat?” WoW! It’s just soaring. So much better than almost all contemporary Christian music. This is an instrumental album though, played with an electric guitar. “Beyond Nature” is super sweet too, but not as soaring, played with an acoustic.

      I wonder what his latest music is like, if it’s as in-God as much as some of his earlier albums.

      That’s my take.


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