Ralph doesn’t get to talk much, but still a good show.

Ralph Epperson is author of “The Unseen Hand” and other books and videos, and he’s one of my Facebook friends!



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“We live in a world of deceit and deception.”

~“The only thing that can save us is a spiritual revival.

 – Dr. Stanley Monteith

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Minute-37:30 Ralph Epperson:

“That Book is not only about salvation. It’s about good and evil. Why? Because in the Garden of Eden, Satan offered Adam and Eve the right to decide for themselves what was right and wrong — when God told them, ‘don’t do that. Thou shalt not eat from the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,’ which means: you’re not supposed to decide what’s right and wrong. You’re supposed to listen to Me. Because when you decide, you’re going to make everything that’s wrong right.

Minute-45 Dr. Stan and then Ralph:

“I believe we should fear God. And if we don’t fear God and fear what’s going on we’re not going to keep His commandments. Why should we? What are your thoughts on that, Ralph.”

“I agree with you, Dr. Stan. Our church is no longer a flame with righteous indignation. And that’s the problem. We’re not being taught about sin and evil. I keep wondering, when are they going to start talking about being honest in your business dealing? Every time we turn around there’s more scandal…. What happened to basic morality?”

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Date: 06-17-13
Hour: 1
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Hour: 2
4:00: James Corbett – International Economic Forecaster
Hour: 3
8:00: Pastor David Whitney – Why Learn the Constitution? www.iotconline.com
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9:00: Ralph Epperson – Unseen Hand
Date: 06-14-13