Jesus promised to give us His glory to help us be ‘ONE’ with each other in Him — “that the world will know!” May we be ‘ONE’ in the Son according to John 17!

Bernard posted this today on his Facebook page.

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Bernard Smalls

A Prayer For Today – for reconciliation of relationships

Father, in Jesus’ name, You are the Great Reconciler! Of marriages! Of children! Of families! Of brothers and sisters in You! Of all relationships! It is in Your strength, and by Your grace that I will go to the person with whom I have had conflict. You have planted the Seed of Love in my heart, and I will humble myself by asking forgiveness regardless of who was at fault. I pray that the relationship will be healed and the breach mended. I purpose to do this in obedience to Your Word and for Your glory, Lord Jesus. The Repairer of Breaches in relationships is working on my behalf! Amen.

–Word Ministries, Inc.