Flicks tongue out at minute-6:15[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDtCaKdb9II]Abortion Activist Turn to Satan to Stop Pro-Lifers

TheAlexJonesChannel TheAlexJonesChannel

Published on Jul 9, 2013

A truly bizarre, almost “creepy” video has just surfaced, revealing pro-abortion activists chanting “Hail Satan” in unison at the Texas State Capitol building. As you can hear for yourself in the video below, people in the background begin chanting, “Hail Satan!” during the speech of a woman who opposes late-term abortions. It appears at 5:12 in the video and continues for many seconds.

The woman giving the speech is saying, “We have doctors down in Houston who are butchering women, butchering children…” and the pro-abortion people raise their voices, singing and chanting, “Hail Satan! Hail Satan!” over and over again.


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