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Published on Jul 20, 2013

Imagine a world of no more privacy. Where your every purchase is monitored and recorded in a database, and your every belonging is numbered. Where someone many states away or perhaps in another country has a record of everything you have ever bought, of everything you have ever owned, of every item of clothing in your closet — every pair of shoes. What’s more, these items can even be tracked remotely.

Once your every possession is recorded in a database and can be tracked, you can also be tracked and monitored remotely through the things you wear, carry and interact with every day.

We may be standing on the brink of that terrifying world if global corporations and government agencies have their way. It’s the world that Wal-Mart, Target, Gillette, Procter & Gamble, Kraft, IBM, and even the United States Postal Service want to usher in within the next ten years.It’s the world of radio frequency identification.

Radio frequency identification, RFID for short, is a technology that uses tiny computer chips — some smaller than a grain of sand — to track items at distance. If the master planners have their way, every object — from shoes to cars — will carry one of these tiny computer chips that can be used to spy on you without your knowledge or consent. We’ve nicknamed these tiny devices “spychips” because of their surveillance potential.
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