Super EXCELLENT comedy satire, which I almost missed. About an hour ago, I heard: “Nightly News” — which I didn’t watch last night, where this was showcased (link below).

Includes a pro-war evangelical minister. Listen carefully as they list all the nations we’ve bombed. Lots of truth here. It’s like seeing what evangelicals look like to them when the reverse-Christian wars are pushed in Jesus’ name.

I think evangelicals’ attitude toward our neighbors overseas is part of the reason revival isn’t happening in America. Selectively loving isn’t obeying Jesus’ second greatest commandment to love all people as much as we love ourselves.

Who would Jesus Bomb? – WWJB


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“The undefeated America is steamrolling its way to world domination,
and the question is will anyone be able to stop them.”

“One thing for certain: the psychopaths are still in control.”

“God bless America.”

Quotes transcribed by me

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[youtube=]WWIII Pre-Game Show

Joy Camp

Published on Sep 10, 2013

WWIII is on the horizon and your friends at JoyCamp have the scoop on what we can expect to go down.

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