I posted this in 2009 at my ToBeFree site. Today, Stephen Paul shared this insightful comment that compelled me to post this at ONEcanhappen too.  Satanism is flourishing because most ‘Christians’ aren’t worshiping God in Spirit and in truth. Stephen writes (I changed punctuation and spelling slightly):

Around 1999, the Lord spoke to me while I was in prayer. This is a direct quote: “Why is it that in your nation you spend more time in the two weeks preceding halloween teaching your children to worship Satan than you spend in an entire year teaching them to worship Me? That is not enough time to spend eternity in my presence.”

You think on that, you naysayers [Stephen is responding to those who in their comments questioned the validity of Satanism being this alive today – editor]. Furthermore, a pediatrician friend told me 30 years ago that he had been called upon to identify a small child’s semi-incinerated fingers that had been discovered by police at a suspected satanic ritual abuse site.

Repent, America- your time is far shorter than you think it is.

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Former Satanist, Glenn Hobbs describes this experience in this 7-minute clip from “Halloween Trick or Treat” Jeremiah Films

“This is something that’s happening every Halloween.”

“It’s quite ironic how one group of people are thinking it’s fun, and another group of people are taking human life, and yet there seems to be this wall, and nobody wants to face the facts of what’s really going on.”

– Glenn Hobbs

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Audio kicks in at the 12-second mark[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUeigrPrHdk]
Halloween – Not So Innocent after all !

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The Pagan Invasion # 1 – Halloween – Trick or Treat?:
English Transcript


[Chuck] Smith: While there are some people who may be concerned about the origins
of halloween and it’s focus on blood, death, horror and the occult, to millions
of youngsters across the nation it has been adopted as a time to pursue scary
fun. It is an opportunity to dress up in ghoulish or fanciable costumes, to
engage in the fantasy of being a witch or a vampire, ghost or devil. Eager
“trick-or-treaters” solicit candy door to door or bob for apples at halloween
parties. Others brave haunted houses and horror movie marathons, while the
more daring visit cemeteries at midnight, play with ouija boards and hold
seances in an effort to contact spirits of the dead.

One of the biggest promoters of halloween is the public school system. School
sponsored halloween-themed activities often include dances, costume contests,
carnivals and arts and crafts projects.


[Caryl] Matrisciana: Glenn Hobbs was initiated into a satanic coven as a child by his
and continued participating for many years. I recently asked
Glenn about his involvement and the importance of halloween to the occultist.

[Glenn] Hobbs: Well, my involvement in satanic worship was, I was involved in it as
a child, of course I was a generational satanist, what they call a generational
satanist and what that means is that my family was involved in it and their
family before them. Now my earliest rememberings of halloween and some of
the things that were involved was, it was a very dark time for me as a child.
It was something I didn’t enjoy.

Matrisciana: Glenn, could you tell us about your involvement in any rituals at
halloween as a child?

Hobbs: There was another little girl that was involved in the occult with me
and her name was Becky
. Now Becky was a different type of child, she was
blessed to be a sacrifice. I was being blessed to be a high priest
, where she
was being blessed and born into the coven there to be a sacrifice. …

Well, the ritual that I remember the most clearly began about the end
of September.


Matrisciana: All of today’s seemingly halloween customs and symbols have
their origins in the ancient keltic [Celtic] day of the dead
. For example, the practice
of trick or treat is from keltic tradition where people gave food [even humans] in return for
blessings from spirits of the dead. Failure to supply treats would result in
demonic retaliation
. Jack-o-lanterns grew out of the keltic tradition of carving
the faces of demonic spirits on turnips and later on pumpkins. The world
book encyclopedia says, the apparently harmless lighted pumpkin face of the
jack-o-lantern is actually an ancient symbol of a dammed soul, candle lit
pumpkins or skulls at a home signified that the occupant was sympathetic to
Satan and would therefore receive mercy by spirits and trick-or-treaters on
their halloween rounds.

Perhaps the most sickening of all druidic new year practices were the human
which occurred at midnight. Adults and children alike would be
thrown into huge fires
, while the celebrants danced around them in demonic
fits of abandon. By morning’s light only ashes and bones would remain, these
were called ‘bone fires’ which is where we get the tradition of ‘bonfires’
today. The druids believed that black cats were reincarnations of the evil dead
and were possessed with supernatural and knowledge, bobbing for apples was
part of the druidic new year sexual divination ceremony of fertility. The
broom stick and witches hats were originally considered phallic symbols.


Smith: Deuteronomy, chapter 18, spells out God’s position concerning man’s
participation in divination, sorcery or communicating with the dead. Verse 12
states that whoever does these things is detestable to the Lord. By
participating in the customs of halloween, whether in fun or ignorance, we are
continuing in practices which have been consecrated to Satan
. People who
love the Lord should stand for separation from these things and not
compromise. Christians can gather together at halloween and use the night to
educate themselves to the dangers of paganism and to take the opportunity to
pray and wage spiritual warfare against the powers of darkness in their
community. It can be combined with a time of worship, praise and
thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father for victory over Satan, death and hell.

Complete Transcript


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