I believe God wants us to know that the time is short. We need to get ready for the Russia/China invasion of America, prophesied by Dumitru Duduman and many others, possibly less than a decade away. Related links  are at the bottom of this post.

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I heard: “cover of Newsweek,” last night, before falling asleep. I just now looked it up to see it shows Putin waving, and says:


What’s Next for Putin’s Russia?

The combative leader willed the Winter Olympics to be a success to show the world that Russia is way back

Text from the story:

After Sochi: Putin’s Games Will Endure

By Bill Powell / February 13, 2014 5:30 PM EST

Russia, in the view of the president’s supporters like Yakunin, is now back. It no longer bends at knee of the United States or the IMF as it did in late 1990s; it throws renewed weight around in the Middle East, where the United States is in retreat, and in Central Asia….

Top article in this issue:

Russia Tests “TOTAL SURVEILLANCE” at the Sochi Olympics — Sounds like AMERIKA — Mobile calls, email, social networks and all the links between them, adding in data from passenger lists, drones and roadside cameras


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[ audio ] Henry Gruver’s Three Visions: Russian (and Chinese) Invasion of America — “When Russia opens her gates and lets the masses go, the free world will occupy themselves with transporting, housing and caring for the masses, and will begin to let their weapons down, and will cry ‘peace and safety,’ and that’s when it will happen.”

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