From: Steve Hill

March 17
The Captain in Complete Control

Since you are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of your name lead and guide me.
Psalm 31:3, NIV

You know, it had to be a rather peculiar moment in Noah’s life when God told him to build an ark because it was going to rain. God said, “For after seven more days I will cause it to rain on the earth forty days and forty nights, and I will destroy from the face of the earth all living things that I have made” (Genesis 7:4, NKJV). Noah had never seen or heard of rain. It had never rained on the earth before. Yet he didn’t question God; he just obediently followed God’s instructions, built the boat and got in it. Wouldn’t life be simpler these days if we could hear, accept and obey God’s directions that easily? I like what William Jay had to say about it back in the 1700s.

We are not certain of what a day or even an hour holds for us. We cannot pierce through the future’s uncertainties. But we can think of God’s all-knowing ability and say, “With Him I leave myself; with Him I leave my loved ones; with Him I leave my business; with Him I leave everything that can befall me. Christians may put themselves and all their concerns on board this ship and give God the entire command of it. Let’s not, under any circumstances, call Him away from the helm, but leave Him to manage it all.

Noah didn’t even know where the boat was going to end up or how it was going to get there. It was all in the hands of his Captain! Oh friend, walk in that security today! Enjoy this journey as a mere passenger, looking to the Lord to direct every step of the course

Exodus 28; John 7;
Proverbs 4; Galatians 3