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Why aren’t pastors leading the forgiving-one-another charge, to be free? Why does Alex (an INFOwarrior, not a pastor) have to learn the hard way — and often fall short? Why aren’t more pastors abiding in Christ to the degree that they’re not only forgiving, but also reconciling with everyone so ‘ONE’ can happen?

Time is running out.

“Walk in love.”

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Alex isn’t always the best no-hate example. In fact, he’s known for his rants in which sometimes he lets hate rip. He even admitted to Joseph Farah, recently, that his show is sometimes unlistenable. But it’s great to see him proclaiming the Godly remedy for hate. And his shows have been far more interesting, lately, now that he’s more focused on transcending the evil forces that want us to hate people and not the evil, inspired by the Devil.


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“All of us get sucked back into it, at some point or some level when someone does us wrong, because they’ve already got preconceived notions about you in a stereotype. So the best thing to do is just forgive everybody on a day-to-day basis. Realize it’s all manipulation, and transcend it.”

– Alex Jones, 4/28/14 on The Alex Jones Show

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske — forgive and be free!


(video) Joseph Farah (WND) in-studio with Alex! — “You bring a passion to these subjects that nobody else does … There may be no return … The church today is so corrupt. The theology that is spread is ridiculous. Repentance is not a one-time thing. … What we’re experiencing now is judgement for our own sins … Join me in repenting”