“War is coming. I think the average American finds it difficult to believe that the same sort of devastating war that we’re seeing that  is destroying Syria, which is 3-4,000 years old. Look at the pictures of those cities over in Syria, which are being destroyed today. Remember, of course that your government is financing the Islamic terrorists that are killing the Christians, certainly, raping the Christian women, killing the little Christian children.

They’ve killed over 162,000 Syrian civilians. And does anybody in America really care? Well, I do. And I hope many of our listeners do.

And I hope that you understand that God is just, and certainly His justice will not sleep forever. I think He’s going to bring judgment on America — not because what our good people are doing. It’s just because they’re so busy having the good life. They’re not involved in what’s going on.

And of course, they’ve changed the music. They’ve changed the message of our Christian churches.

And the Christian churches, rather than taking a stand against these terrible things that are happening, and the terrible atrocities that we are funding throughout the world, where they’re killing civilians. We’re funding it with our tax money. Why, of course, the church is silent, absolutely silent.

– Dr. Stanley Monteith on Radio Liberty, 6/5/14 hour 2

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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