I’ve often said that my favorite thing about “The Lord of the Rings” is how Tolkien portrays evil as really being evil.

If people knew how evil evil really is, perhaps they’d take this war against evil more seriously, and stand up for what’s right, not succumbing to its dark powers, loving and serving God no matter what — being filled with Christ — the Only Way to overcome.

Check out this first quote (transcribed by me):

“That’s what’s so brilliant about Tolkien. He represents evil in such a pure and well described way.” —John Di Bartolo

“He was extremely frightened and discouraged, really, at the level that machinery, itself was taking over the world. … He saw the wizards as the masters of the machine. And the machine to him was about coercive power, changing the natural world, changing natural abilities to coerce whole populations with power. …the corrupting power of the machine.” —John Di Bartolo

* * *

“Tolkien was a total visionary.” —Alex Jones

* * *

“He [God] does not look kindly on Babel builders.” —JRR Tolkien

* * *

Rotterdam, 28 March 1958

“I look east and west and look north and south, and I do not see a Sauron. But I see very many descendants of Saruman! And I think we hobbits now have no magic weapons against them. And yet, dear gentle hobbits, may I conclude by giving you a toast.

To the hobbits!

And may they outlast the wizards!

* * *

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p7jFcnnE4U]J.R.R Tolkien Lost Recording Exposes NWO


Published on Jun 12, 2014

Alex welcomes J. R. R. Tolkien expert John Di Bartolo also joins the broadcast to share a lost audio recording of the Lord of the Rings author speaking out against government oppression and tyranny.



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