I don’t understand. Why aren’t more pastors truth loving like Rodney? This is awesome! Rodney Howard-Browne writes on his Facebook page (includes 4 photos):

On Saturday coming home from our hunting trip @danielmcgeehee Bobby Williams and I stopped in Jekyll Island Georgia and ate lunch at the Jekyll Island hotel (shrimp & grits)

We walked into the “Federal Reserve” room where the “system” of the Private Central Bank was formulated at a secret meeting of the Banksters of the day in 1910 – that would result in President Woodrow Wilson signing the FED into existence 23 Dec1913 – This Private Central Bank is the primary source of all Americas problems for over 100 years as they own both sides of the Isle – May God deliver us from this wickedness

The Last real President (American) we had was JFK – He was killed because He was about to shut the “system” down

I have spend hundreds of hours researching and have all the facts! Books to read to name a few are

1. The Creature from Jekyll Island – Edward Griffen

2. The tower of Basel – the secret bank that runs the world – Adam Lebor


(video) Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne on Alex Jones Show 12/10/14!

(audio) Revivalist Rodney Howard-Browne also an INFOWARRIOR!!! — “We funded al-Qaeda. Now we’re funding ISIS” • “Republican Democrat are the same. They work for the same people” • “It started with the Rothschilds, and it’s passed down father to son…. At the height they worship Lucifer” • ~”When I talk like this, people don’t want to listen, but ALL HELL IS ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE! Repent and get right with God. Then ASK THE LORD: ‘WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?’”

When we heard angels literally sing in Anchorage, Alaska