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[youtube=]Pope Francis: The Catholic’s Final Solution

TheAlexJonesChannel | Published on Dec 29, 2014

Alex Jones breaks down how Pope Francis is being used to push the globalist agenda and how it will kill millions of people across the world.

[youtube=]Jesuit Pope to Push Carbon Tax Indulgence

TheAlexJonesChannel | Published on Dec 30, 2014

It’s official: Global Warming is a religion and the Pope sees himself as the Pope of Climate Change. Arguing that acting on climate change is essential to the faith, the Pope announced that he will publish a rare encyclical, usually reserved for clarifying theological disputes, to have Catholics worldwide accept and ACT upon the dogma of Global Warming. Will Carbon Credits be the 21st Century indulgences, where you pay in advance for environmental “sins”? Will “carbon taxes” be used as a penance to punish climate offenders?

Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches –…

Pope Francis Expected To Instruct One Billion Catholics To Act On Climate Change –…

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