‘Christians’ who watch FOX News should consider what FOX is doing to their walk with Christ in holiness:

PRESStitutes = lying for $money$!

Do a search on ‘Bilderberg,’ and then click ‘News’ (on the top of the page in Google), and see how the American press blacks out Bilderberg coverage way more than the European press. Our press is the most controlled press, including FOX News, which completely ignores Bilderberg, and makes fun of anyone who says the truth about 9/11, Bilderberg, etc..

And one of their main tactics is to not even report what is really going on.


TalmudVision (TV), it really is.

America is turning into a tyranny, led by FOX TV — where the evangelicals, especially, tune in to get their news, “Fair & Balanced” — and then stop being salt and light.

FOX News is like a black hole, sucking the morality and goodness out of Christians in living rooms across America, so Christians become dumbed down like the rest of the reverse-Christian world.

Rupert Murdoch hires the best deceivers he can find on the planet. This is how the Devil operates.

But we’re supposed to be led by the HOLY Spirit, Who loves the truth, and has been trying to warn US about this lying on every TalmudVision (TV) channel.

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[YouTube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltKypcq3Bsk]Sean Hannity: I’ve Never Heard of the Bilderberg Group

Mark Dice