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“Did Christianity Really Come From Zoroastrianism?” — If any borrowing was done, it was likely Zoroastrianism borrowing from Judaism/Christianity

As society gets darker, more are trying to discredit Christianity, but the facts never support the claims.

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“Did Christianity Really Come From Zoroastrianism?”

Michael Gleghorn

…the evidence actually indicates that Zoroaster wasn’t even born until about the time of the Babylonian Captivity. Kenneth Boa states that his dates are sometimes given as 628-551 B.C. (Cults, World Religions and the Occult [Illinois: Victor Books, 1990], 45). …

It is certainly true that Zoroaster spoke of such things as “… the coming of a savior and the resurrection of the body,” etc. (Ibid., 44). But he may have borrowed these ideas from the Jewish captives in Babylon. Indeed, it appears that all of these ideas can be found in the Jewish Scriptures PRIOR to the Babylonian Captivity.

For instance, even if we grant the contention of the person who wrote the web article you referred me to, that Isaiah offers the first, full monotheistic conception of God (e.g. Isaiah 43:10-13), it by no means follows that Isaiah borrowed this conception from Zoroastrianism! Indeed, Isaiah wrote his book BEFORE Zoroaster was even born! The period in which Isaiah was writing was roughly that of 740-680 B.C. Thus, if there was any borrowing, it was Zoroaster borrowing from Isaiah–not vice-versa. Besides this, LaSor argues that Zoroaster was not a true monotheist anyway, but a polytheist. …

In addition, the coming of a savior is promised as early as Gen. 3:15 in the Bible. This was long before the birth of Zoroaster. Genesis was probably written between 1450-1410 B.C. And there are numerous other Messianic prophecies before the Babylonian Captivity (e.g. in Numbers 24:17 (Law); Psalm 22–especially v. 1, 7-8, 14-18 (writings); Isaiah 52:12-53:12 (Prophets)). All of these prophecies were given BEFORE the birth of Zoroaster and the development of Zoroastrianism. …

The resurrection of the body seems clearly alluded to in Job 19:25-27. Although this book may have been written during the time of Solomon (approx. 965 B.C.), the events themselves are almost certainly from the patriarchal period (approx. 2000 B.C.). Additionally, Psalm 16:10, written by David long before the Babylonian Captivity also alludes to the physical resurrection of the Messiah (see Acts 2:25-32). …

if any borrowing was done, it was likely Zoroastrianism borrowing from Judaism/Christianity.

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(video series) Judaism influenced Zoroastrianism — Not the other way around


  1. St. Julia

    I don’t get it at all.

    • It is quite complicated, and Zoroastrianism isn’t my subject, but I would say it boils down to this: anti-Christ atheists and Talmudic Kabbalists, including academic professors, are being led by and empowered by demon spirits to try to destroy Christianity, by destroying the credibility of the written word of God, the Bible.

      I had a professor try to do this to me when I first attended college in the ’70s, teaching the documentary hypothesis as fact.

      They act really smart and authoritative, while they throw around a bunch of ideas that they say are facts, but are not, and they’re convincing a lot of people. It’s pure evil!

      Many slick videos are doing the same.

      It’s like how macro-evolution is being taught as scientific fact in schools, when it’s actually a “doctrine of demons,” literally. Demons actually give people ideas and the power to drive their points home to others. The publicly funded teachers present a bunch of lies and myths as being absolute, unquestionable fact, while presenting not even one of the truths that completely debunk the theory that they claim is scientifically proven fact. And they get away with it only because they decide what is taught, what’s in the textbooks, what’s presented on TV (which I call TalmudVision), what’s in the movies, etc..

      It’s actually a type of brainwashing and mind-control. Thankfully, there are a number of Christians teaching the truth about evolution and creationism, but there aren’t nearly enough, and most of the famous creationists have serious problems theologically. Probably all teach once-saved-always-saved, for example. And some are even kind of goofy, discrediting themselves.

      Regarding Zoroastrianism, the problem is even worse in that very few scholarly Christians seem to be fighting and exposing this trend. So far, I haven’t been able to find one video that by itself, clearly lays out the problem and the solution.

      Above, I do link to a series of videos which have a lot of great info. I found them very helpful, and I love his attitude and carefulness. He has a heart of gold too. But it’s more of an investigation and statement of his findings over time, instead of a direct, succinct teaching. Not many will be willing to watch 23 videos, but my guess is that many could be helped a lot by just watching even one or two. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. None of his videos are long, and many are really short in length.

      If you’ve seen, firsthand, how lies are being taught as facts to push macro-evolution down everyone’s throats, while they don’t present the science and evidence for Creationism at all, then that’s what I would say is also going on here.

      Zoroastrianism is a demonic trend that is moving forward, not because the theory is sound, but because many people don’t want to believe that the Bible is true — so they can live any way they please and never suffer the consequences of their actions in hell, eternally. 

      Zoroastrianism is Satanic to the core.

      If anyone knows of any single videos that really do refute Zoroastrianism, please share them below.

      God bless,


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