(video series) Judaism influenced Zoroastrianism — Not the other way around

Carefully thought out analysis based on the facts, not conjecture or an anti-Christ agenda.

I watched all 23 parts, after being challenged by a Facebook friend. (My Facebook page)

Parts 2-23 will automatically load after watching part 1.

Index here. Individual videos have comments with replies.

I utilize this a lot: [Timesaver Tip!] How To Speed Up Online Videos — Offline Too!

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Judaism influenced Zoroastrianism – Part 1




“Did Christianity Really Come From Zoroastrianism?” — If any borrowing was done, it was likely Zoroastrianism borrowing from Judaism/Christianity

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[7-minute video] Did Zeitgeist Destroy Your Faith In Jesus Christ (Jesus vs Horus) — This online movie has single handedly wounded and infiltrated the truth movement by telling truths about politics but lying about the Salvation of all men!

Mark Dice: Christophobics, Jesus Haters, and Zeitgeist’s Claim that “Jesus Never Even Existed”

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