Looks like the day of “Government Permitted” Sermons are quickly approaching and it’s all connected to the “Transgender Movement” that has picked up pace around the nation regarding the choice of restrooms based on an individual’s personal gender identity. (source)

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From: WND

‘This is something that should be deeply troubling to every American’

At issue in the Iowa case are state mandates that protect “transgender rights.” Among them are allowing men to enter women’s shower rooms, dressing rooms and restrooms if they say they are women, and banning statements in meetings “open to the public” that “might cause individuals to believe that they are unwelcome because of their perceived gender identity.” …

“The speech ban could be used to gag churches from making any public comments – including from the pulpit – that could be viewed as unwelcome to persons who do not identify with their biological sex. This is because the commission says the law applies to churches during any activity that the commission deems to not have a ‘bona fide religious purpose.’”

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