HUGE problem! It’s true that the VIETNAM protests were largely fueled by young people who were being forced to fight because of the draft.

Many DEMOCRATS opposed the Bush/Cheney was, but then the stood down completely after Obama was elected.

But where are the “CHRISTIANS,” the “blessed are the peacemaker Christians?”

The pastors rejected Ron Paul in 2008, because he wasn’t pro-war enough, like McCain and Palin.

When did “Christians” become warmongers?

This “bless Israel to get blessed” thing has replaced Jesus’ greatest two commandments to the degree that Ron Paul was booed in the South Caroline debate because he said we should go by the Golden Rule. War should be the LAST resort.

Genesis 12:3 doesn’t even apply to modern day Israel.

The main group that should be standing up has been hijacked, and needs to come into repentance for all the evil they’ve supported and the hatred in their hearts.

Many “Christians” are led by FOX News instead of the HOLY Spirit, watching TalmudVision (TV).

Now, we’re reaping what we’ve sewed, as the world increasingly hates US, and is getting ready to take US out.


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Slaughter Caused by US Endless Wars Remains Largely Unnoticed by Americans

Unlike in the period of the Vietnam War, Washington’s perpetual overseas military campaigns have not prompted any significant antiwar movement in the United States, US author Tom Engelhardt emphasizes, stressing that a war without an antiwar movement means a war without end.

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