I was once someone who deceived many people. Who made them believe that I was bearing good fruit for the kingdom of God because I was a paid pastor and I was preaching for money. I made people believe that I was doing God a BIG favor by speaking to junior high students and preaching to adults and doing these day camps. I made them believe that I was truly doing God a big favor and that I was so righteous and holy, but I was lying to myself and I was deceiving people. I was pushing forward the agenda of Satan and his kingdom.

The Lord Jesus woke me up a little over a year ago, and He told me that I was NOT bearing good fruit for His Kingdom. He said to me; “Can you name Me ONE person who has truly come to ME because of your ministry?” And I could not name Him ONE name. The Lord Jesus then called me to preach the gospel FREE of charge, and I had to resign from my job if I was going to truly follow Jesus.

And I chose to resign from my job, even though I didn’t know what I was going to do next. But the Lord Jesus guided me by the POWER of His HOLY SPIRIT, and He continues to guide me into HIS Truth. I no longer speak what is a lie. I no longer speak for money, but I only speak what the Lord Jesus speaks to me.

If you want to be led by the same Holy Spirit, then you need to seek of Jesus. You need to go to HIM in prayer and seek HIM with all your heart all your soul all your might. Are you willing to do that? Or are you just content with bearing fake, phony fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven?

You may fool a bunch of people, but you certainly will NEVER fool the KING, you will NOT fool Jesus! Are you lying to yourself and lying to others? Or are you willing to truly come to Jesus as LORD and KING? Are you willing to accept the Holy Spirit in your life? Are you willing to be LED by the Holy Spirit?

May the grace of Jesus be with you.

• • •

I Deceived Many People