We’re in BIG trouble now — thanks to the reverse-Christian, warmongering neocons!

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Globalists can then blame Trump and his supporters for starting WWIII, which the globalists have been scheming for decades. Ughhh!


Trump’s Recklessness Changes Skousen’s WWIII Timing – Trump Threatens Military Action Against North Korea – Possible Scenario #3: Trump strikes North Korean missile sites, and North Korea invades South Korea in response. The US has to use tactic nukes to stop the massive invasion of over 2 million North Koreans, and China responds in kind by striking the US military forces with a pre-emptive nuclear missile strike, joined by Russia

(video) Joel Skousen: Order Out of Chaos by Design — North Korea to be Used as a Trigger Event for WW III > Russia and China will then EMP & Nuke the USA … — Timeframe 5-12 Years

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Military Leaders’ Plan To Trick Trump Into War

The Alex Jones Channel

Full interview starts @ 58:20


Alex Jones (FULL SHOW Commercial Free) Friday 4/7/17: U.S. Strike on Syria – The Real Analysis

Ron Gibson