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APRIL 10, 2017

US Support for Syria Strikes Rates Low in Historical Context

  • 10 other military actions assessed since 1983 had majority support
  • Only action with lower approval was Libya in 2011, at 47%
  • 82% of Republicans approve, compared with 33% of Democrats

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans’ support for the military strikes against Syria last week is historically low compared with reactions to previous U.S. military actions. Fifty percent of Americans approve of the missile airstrikes, while 41% disapprove. Ten percent have no opinion.

Over Eight in 10 Republicans Approve

Reactions to the missile strikes President Donald Trump ordered are much more positive among Republicans (82%) than among Democrats (33%) nationwide.

Approve Disapprove
% %
National adults            50                     41
Republicans            82                     11
Independents            44                    43
Democrats            33                    61
GALLUP, APRIL 7-8, 2017

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