The entire beginning is excellent; though, I didn’t transcribe anything until here:

20:30 “The United States of America fast is becoming a modern day Roman empire. We are behaving just like the Roman empire years ago. And if we continue, we will face the same result as did that Roman empire. And ladies and gentlemen, as the Roman empire collapsed into the dust bin of history, the Christians came out of their caves and came out from underground, and they continued to pronounce to the world: ‘Jesus rose from the dead!'”

29:20 WoW, sad and telling! Trump wanted to free the churches of the free speech stifling Johnson amendment to 501(c)3, but many PASTORS are COWARDS, and want the 501C3 federal speech prohibitions KEPT as is on churches because they’re too cowardly to speak out on key issues: “Mr. Trump, please don’t take away the 501(c)3 [Johnson amendment], if you take it away everyone might know I’m a coward!”

32:30 “Preachers don’t want revival. … They’re getting great benefits from being cowards in the pulpits.”

37:50 Chuck here sounds like he’s teaching the false doctrine of once-saved-always-saved (OSAS), teaching only “trusting in,” instead of also abiding in, for we must abide in Christ to have ‘no condemnation,’ no longer walking according to the flesh, but by the Spirit (Romans 8 in real Bibles). However, Chuck’s words at 46:58 are much better.

41:30 Jesus and His disciples challenged the political and religious authorities of the day. “Everything they did was a challenge to Rome and a challenge to Jewry.”

45:13 “America is in the miserable condition we are in, on the precipice of WWIII; we are on the verge of collapse from within; our society is decadent and immoral. We have a society very much like Rome that literally collapsed from within because of it’s own corruption. Our economic system is corrupt, our education system is corrupt, our political system is corrupt, our ‘Federal Reserve’ is corrupt, Washington D. C. is corrupt, much of local and state government is corrupt, our pulpits are corrupt, our churches are corrupt, our seminaries are corrupt, our law schools are corrupt, our business schools are corrupt. We are collapsing from within, and THE CHURCHES CHALLENGE NOTHING!”

46:58 “If you are a true Christian, you cannot help but challenge evil rule and authority because you have a King Who sits on the throne of your heart Whose word and Whose law is superior to any law given by mortal men!”“You are either someone outside the rule of Christ and under the rule of evil authority, or you are someone in Christ, and outside the rule of evil authority. And each one of us must decide for ourselves which side of the line and which side of eternity we are on. That’s why so many of these ‘political’ battles that we face are not really political, but really they are deeply spiritual in nature. … It’s a battle between good and evil.”

58:00 “We promise to be a thorn in his side as long as we live!”

• • •

“But Now Is Christ Risen From The Dead” – Message by Chuck Baldwin on Apr. 16, 2017