(image) EQUALITY vs. SAMENESS: The NEO-FEMINIST AGENDA says women are the SAME as men, not just having equal rights as men, but the SAME in CHARACTERISTICS and ABILITIES as well


The Neo-Feminist Agenda continually reinforces the notion that women are the same as men, not just having equal rights as men, but the same in characteristics and abilities as well.

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From: (video) Mark Passio: Unholy Feminine & Satanic Epi-Eugenics Agenda — NEO-FEMINISM EQUATES GENDERS IN ALL ASPECTS (not just rights), matriarchy (WOMEN RULE), additional rights for women over men • The socially-engineered woman is being culturally conditioned to reject the qualities of the Authentic Man • Neo-Feminism is a Social Engineering (Mind Control) program which specifically targets women to incite a war between the sexes in a divide-and-conquer strategy • The long-term goal of this manipulated Gender War is to subjugate both men and women under their world-wide system of totalitarian control – Free Your Mind Conference 2016

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