Islam is not the main enemy of Christians, Talmudic Judaism is.
Islam teaches Jesus was a Prophet from God, to be respected and honored. Islam also teaches that Moses was a prophet.
Judaism through the Talmud, teaches that Jesus was a false prophet, liar, heretic, bastard, who is boiling in excrement in Hell.
Islam is not the main enemy of Christians, Talmudic Judaism is, because Judaism is being sold to Christians as an acceptable alternative to being a Christian, that Jews get to go to Heaven without accepting Jesus, but everyone else must burn in Hell.
Christians are being taught that we must support and fight for the nation of Israel against all Muslim nations, and they must occupy land in the Middle East, and they don’t need Jesus to gain salvation.
Jesus said the Antichrist would rule the whole world from Jerusalem.
The Zionists who control the leadership of Judaism and Christianity, through religions, governments, and corporations, and most media, are purposely dividing Christians and Muslims, and fueling the hate towards each other to create the cause and affect of the final battle called Armageddon, and they are stoking the flames of the final war with bombings, invasions, occupations, torturing, oppressing, stealing from, and killing the people of mostly Muslim or Arab nations, and reactionary, random acts of self defense called terrorism.
Christians must love all people, including Muslims, and agree not to take part in, or support any acts of aggression or oppression in nations. And when the world sees us Christians standing on the principles of peace and non aggression and non intervention, they way Jesus taught us to do, then Christians will be able to win some of them to Jesus with our faith and actions in Jesus’ name.

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