Many pastors have now left virtue, having ignored the Holy Spirit’s promptings for years, hardening their hearts, so they now say and teach false things as if nothing is wrong — even slandering those whom God sends to help set them and the church free.
Pastors who have left their true self, compromising to please man, are completely biblically disqualifed to be overseers, according to Paul’s elders’ qualifications, which require holiness.

“Paul’s Elders’ qualifications revisited: What does ‘BLAMELESS’ mean? — Most pastors are biblically disqualified

Repentance is required to come clean, which will require apologizing to those they’ve hurt — reconciliation.
Liars will not inherit the kingdom, and pastors will get an even stricter judgment.

What Does God Say About Lying PRESStitutes, Politicians & Pastors: “ALL LIARS, their part is in the lake that burns with fire”

Revival, real Christianity can’t happen until Christians worship in Spirit and in truth, because God resists the proud, while longing to give grace to the humble.

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At 07:00, Stefan Molyneux explains how those who have killed their true self will attack those who have not, because those who still have integrity remind them that it was a conscious decision that they became false. It is possible and right to not succumb to falsehood:

“So that when you see someone who is honest and direct, and courageous, has integrity, you want to attack them because they remind you that what you did, in allowing the triumph of the false self, was a choice. It was not an inevitability, and it is not a wise thing to do. You just told yourself that so that you could live with what you did.”


(vid) Molyneux: FALSEHOOD — When people have lost their virtuous self, they seek validation, so they may champion a cause, or pursue status, wealth, beauty…. But beauty is fleeting • “So stop transferring resources to the false self. Be honest; tell the truth, and shame the Devil himself!”