(Satanism) Metallica 'The Prince': "Devil take my soul, with $diamonds you repay / And I will burn in hell, from the day I die"

‘The Prince’ is the ninth track from 1998’s album ‘Garage, Inc.’ …
Metallica have played this song live 32 times. (source)

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Metallica ‘The Prince’ Lyrics:

Devil take my soul, with diamonds you repay.
I don’t care for heaven, so don’t you look for me to cry.
And I will burn in hell, from the day I die.

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(vid) Predictive Programming Las Vegas: JASON ALDEAN KNEW? — 10/1 tattooed on his arm (Illuminati card game)

A friend sent me this on Facebook. I wouldn’t recommend watching it all. Key part to watch is 6:50 – 10:00. Very interesting! 10/1 is tattooed on his arm below the black sun. Vegas shooting took place on 10/1.
Also, I agree with the speaker on country music. I’ve mostly found it repulsive; though, I have heard a few good songs.
I hope the country western people find out what really happened in Vegas, and rise up and say something — especially those who were there and saw what really happened, which is not told in this video.
My Las Vegas Massacre FF posts are telling the real story.
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Watch from 6:50 – 10:00

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US Violence Abroad Begets Violence at Home — Intolerant, uncivil, drug-addled, alcoholic society — CIA and Pentagon have killed 20-30 million since 1947!


by Jacob G. Hornberger
… Here is the critical question: If the Pentagon and the CIA are killing masses of people abroad, will that have an adverse effect on people here at home?The standard answer is no. …the mindset has been that as long as the death and destruction is “over there” ….The U.S. media has played its part in all this by declining to display photographs of dead bodies and body parts that are the result of U.S. shootings, bombings, or missile attacks. …I maintain the opposite. I hold that the massive U.S. violence abroad is triggering violent behavior in people here at home, especially those operating at the margins, mentally speaking. See, for example, my article Charlottesville and America’s Death Machine.
…I maintain, based simply on common sense and human nature, that all the massive death and destruction that the Pentagon and the CIA wreak abroad inevitably seeps into the minds of the American people. The result is an increasingly intolerant, uncivil, drug-addled, alcoholic society and, even worse, one that triggers irrational violent behavior in people who are mentally operating at the margin.
…the number of people that the Pentagon and the CIA have killed, especially if we go back to 1947, when the U.S. government was converted into a national-security state to oppose its WWII partner and ally the Soviet Union in the Cold War. According to an article entitled “Deaths in Other Nations Since WWII Due to US Interventions” published in 2007 on a website called countercurrents.org, the U.S. government has actually killed some 20 million foreigners. That is definitely not a small number. …
Is it really possible that the U.S. government can kill millions of people without it having and adverse effect on the mental stability of the American people? Is it really possible for Americans to continue living normal lives, mentally speaking, while their government is out killing millions of people on a regular basis? I don’t think so. : The U.S. government’s mass violence abroad is the root cause of the horrible irrational violence that afflicts American society. And as long as the killing over there continues, so will the irrational violence here at home, along with more acts of incivility, intolerance, and other dysfunctional behavior.
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Investigator says what pastors will not: We Must RECONCILE — 🚨 Las Vegas Shooting – In Depth Analysis – Day One Latest News

I wrote this comment under this video:

Jake, THANKS for mentioning the crucial Christian teaching of GETTING RIGHT WITH ONE ANOTHER, “reconciliation” at 55:50. Most pastors won’t even fully reconcile with those they’ve hurt, so they actually disqualify themselves from being able to lead, according to Paul’s elders’ qualifications.

When most ‘Christians’ aren’t following Christ, we’re in trouble — and no wonder why the dark side is currently sweeping the nation. THANKS for bringing up what pastors will not! Shame on them for being such bad examples.

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