(vid) Jesse: Allie Stuckey Talks Feminism and SJW Christianity

Allie Stuckey Got a ‘Me Too’ Male Feminist FIRED, Talks SJW Christianity

Jesse Lee Peterson

Published on Feb 27, 2018

Tuesday, Feb 20, GUEST: Allie Stuckey, aka The Conservative Millennial http://theconservativemillennialblog.com on why she’s not a feminist, and being a young educated Christian who hasn’t lost common sense. She tells why the Me Too movement is a sign of broken society, a man who wished her a “me too moment” getting fired from Georgetown, and SJW / Social Justice Christianity like Pastor Carl Lentz who won’t stand strong against abortion. She has a program on CRTV, doing 2 videos a week, and a podcast starting. http://twitter.com/consermillen Videos: http://crtv.com/allie She also talks about a Georgetown University advisor who was fired (or forced to resign) last month after wishing her her own “me too moment,” implying she should suffer sexually harassment or sexual assault. She feels bad that he was fired. He apologized to her. Many Christians don’t fight back — men are accused but don’t fight back. There’s a way to fight and not cower down.

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