Ann Coulter: The Crisis in Masculinity, Black Family, Trump, Jobs, & Women’s Vote (TFS EXCERPT)

Jesse Lee Peterson
Published on Mar 1, 2018
April 2017: Watch FULL show: courtesy The Fallen State Jesse Lee Peterson asks Ann Coulter if President Donald Trump is a real man. Yes. He’s an alpha male, and a throwback to the politically incorrect 1950s American man who speaks his mind and doesn’t apologize or back down just because people are upset. Most Republicans, who claim to be Christians, fold when the Washington Post or New York Times writes anything about them. Men have been beaten down, sissified, and feminized from a young age, in schools, in homes — first in the black community with out-of-wedlock births and lack of fathers committed to what’s right. Blacks went liberal Democrat when the government became the daddy, just as women — especially single women and particularly single mothers — turn to the government as the husband to take care of kids and everyone. But Trump is tough; he will build the wall, call out rapists, drugs, and crime coming from Mexico, bring back jobs, get rid of regulations, and cut taxes.
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