America is defenseless against Russia’s most advanced weapons. Joel Skousen has been warning US for decades, which I’ve been posting for almost 20 years — first in my email list, and for a decade at
Joel Skousen has been warning about this since the ’90s, but the US won’t even protect the power grid, which alone will kill most of us, once they EMP US, as they nuke our military bases, which we won’t defend, because of PDD 60. They can also take out our nukes, while we can’t touch theirs. All the church seems to care about is Talmudic Israel’s takeover of the Middle East, called the Greater Israel Plan.
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Putin Threatens Instantaneous Nuclear War If West Attacks Allies


Published on Mar 5, 2018

“Any Use Of Nuclear Weapons Against Russia Or Its Allies, Small-Range, Medium-Range, Any Kind Of Attack Will Be Regarded As A Nuclear Attack Against Russia, And In Response, We Will Take Action Instantaneously, No Matter What The Consequences Are.”

Those were the chilling words of Russian President Vladimir Putin during his annual State of the Union address to the Citizens of Russia and their elected officials.…

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