Rapture – Escape Route for Cowards?


Published on Aug 4, 2012

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This hope for the rapture to take place and they will be raptured out of here and then all hell will break loose. Jesus never promised and escape route for COWARDS. We are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. We are ambassadors for Christ and we must shine our light in darkness. We will not be taken out of here. We have a purpose here.

Many of these people will not testify for Jesus, they say that is WORKS SALVATION. They will not do anything for the Kingdom of God. They will not stand up for Jesus but they hope to be raptured OUT of here. They are having a wonderful time, enjoying the pleasures of life, they are living in SIN with this world, they are exactly like this world and they believe Jesus is going to  take them out of their pleasures? NO dear friends. If we SUFFER WITH JESUS we will be GLORIFIED WITH HIM. He has called us unto SUFFERING, unto REJECTION, unto PERSECUTION because if Jesus lives in us then we are not part of the world.

There is NO escape for COWARDS. There is NO place in the Kingdom of Heaven for COWARDS. There is NOWHERE, where you can run away. Jesus puts you here for a purpose and if we are not willing to live that purpose we are NOT WORTHY OF HIM. Sorry to burst your bubble my friend.

There is NO ESCAPE. Either we walk with Jesus through His tribulation. If He is living in us then He is being persecuted in us and if we are NOT WILLING to be PERSECUTED WITH JESUS and FOR JESUS we will not have the crown of life. There is no escape.

There is only ONE WAY and that is DENY YOURSELF, PICK UP YOUR CROSS and FOLLOW JESUS EVERYDAY and ENDURE PERSECUTION because ONLY then you will have the crown of Life. If you are waiting for a rapture, sorry there is none. FOLLOW JESUS UNTIL the VERY END. Only those who ENDURE UNTIL the END shall be SAVED. The rest will PERISH.

May Jesus bless you.