Man Forgave His Mother. No One Born of God Sins. (Isaiah)

Jesse Lee Peterson

Published on Jun 13, 2018

June 12-13, Isaiah called to talk about going to forgive his mother. She accepted it at first, but later started sending long texts and telling him he needed to ask her for forgiveness. He talks about honoring his parents by forgiving them. He also says the Bible agrees that you cannot sin after you are born of God. Jesse retells how Isaiah’s mother tried to control him after he forgave her. Some Christians think you can still sin, but Isaiah pointed out that’s wrong — the Devil gave us a false gospel that allows us to keep sinning. He was a weed head, into pornography, into hip hop. He realized he had to deal with his mother. He thanks God for Jesse’s message.


Jun 12: On Suicide, Anger, Sinning Christians, & The Great White Hope

Jun 13: Trump, Rodman, FAA Blacks, Father & ADHD Son, Forgive Mothers


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