14:05 Sean: “My belief, given a lot of research I’ve done, is that the Rothschilds in … the birth of the Illuminati, they’re responsible for it, and they are Satanists. … And I do believe that via this story of Israel and the reimplementation of the state of Israel, that they hijacked the Jewish story, and they hide behind the label of anti-Semitism, so you cannot criticize the central bankers and the money masters.”
18:30 SGT Report Sean is Catholic, now leaning Lutheran
Sean likes Putin because he’s returning Russia to Christianity. I commented:

Ritual based, Russian Orthodoxy isn’t real Christianity. Real Christianity is people actually abiding in Christ personally (which most US ‘Christians’ also do not do). In many ways, KGB Putin is turning Russia into a police state, which truthers would abhor if it happened here. And he’s preparing to successfully bomb, bomb, bomb the USA.

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SGTreport Discusses QAnon, Trump, and Zionism w/ Know More News
Know More News
Published on Jul 2, 2018
Know More News with Adam Green
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