“Many waved rainbow flags with the occult star of David in the center.”

– Rick Wiles

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Full Show – When Will Christian Zionists Denounce Israel’s Embrace of Homosexuality
Published on Aug 2, 2018
When Will Christian Zionists Denounce Israel’s Embrace of Homosexuality
God’s “chosen people” have chosen to host another gay pride parade, but this time in Jerusalem. Today on TruNews, Rick addresses this latest chapter of debauchery in the Holy Land, and poses a series of questions to America’s Christian Zionist elite, such as: When will you denounce Israel’s official embrace of homosexuality? When will you tell the Israel’s to repent of their sins and call upon the name of Jesus Christ? And most importantly, when will you tell the Israeli’s that faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal salvation? Air date: 8/02/18.
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