“Feminism is essentially like ‘we love women; we fight for women, but by the way, women, everything that you naturally are, just throw that out as if it was a basket of rotten apples, and go and usurp the male role (at least in general what comes naturally to them), and then you’ll be special, then you’ll be something to be admired and aspired to.'”

– Brittany Pettibone, transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“In the process of doing this, these feminists despise everything a truly masculine man is while becoming it. … To me, it seems very hypocritical of  them to kind of pull this thing where ‘Oh, we hate everything that you are but we want to become it.’

– Nicole, transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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Women Are Losing Their Femininity

Published on Aug 3, 2018
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