“Kabbala is voodoo that Jews do.” – Rick Wiles
26:20 CBN and Pat Robertson big promoters of the third temple
31:00 “It’s reached a cult level now.”
23:30 “It’s heresy.”
37:20 “This is a cult. … It’s influencing the president of the United States through Paula White and these other ‘Christian’ Zionists who are his so-called ‘spiritual advisors.'”
4000 WND are deep into this.
44:00 “It’s blasphemy!”

Trumped Up Prophecies: How Kabbalah Wizards & Christian Zionists Are Trying to Build a Third Temple
Published on Aug 8, 2018
Full Show – Today on TruNews we detail how a union between prominent American Christian Zionists and Kabbalah practicing Jewish Rabbis has birthed a heresy masquerading as divine intervention, leading millions away from Jesus Christ. Will the promise of a Third Temple lead to the final Great Deception?
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