(vid) Art Mathias: Healed Because He Forgave — “I purpose and I choose to forgive from my heart”

Art Mathias, founder of Wellspring Ministries in Anchorage, Alaska tells his scary and wonderful story! I transcribed these quotes:

“Fear is the opposite of faith. If I’m in fear and worry I am not trusting God. So I had to repent for the fear, go back into faith, start believing God’s promises, then the pain levels would come down. As I got rid of my bitterness, as I got rid of my resentments, as I learned how to forgive and really fall into obedience to the scriptures, then my fear went away, my physical body settled down, my immune system healed. Then my physical body healed.”

“Forgiving from our heart is a choice. … I purpose and I choose to forgive from my heart. And the tormentors*…. The only way we can get rid of those heavy, negative emotions….

“We see literally thousands of people healed every year as we teach them how to forgive.”

* The “tormentors” (Mt. 18 KJV) are actually demons. My article, which has changed minds on this key subject:

Can a Christian Have a Demon? Absolutely! Most Have Many!

Healed Because He Forgave

The 700 Club
Published on Aug 3, 2015

When modern medicine could not help relieve his pain, Art found a way to be healed – but he first had to trust God and find forgiveness for others.

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