Michael Brown is stubbornly erroneous on some key issues right now, but he’s spot on here. Calvinism is actually blasphemy, and is taught at most evangelical seminaries today!

Some quotes I transcribed:

“If God ordained that someone would do evil, why does it grieve Him when they do evil? And why does He express His desire that they not do evil?”

“Throughout the Word, God makes it clear that He takes no delight in the death of the wicked, but desires rather that they would repent and live.”

“Hear God’s heart: ‘I have no desire for the death of the wicked. My heart is yearning for the wicked to come and repent. Even in your disobedience My heart goes out to you.’ Contrast that with the words of John Calvin…. ‘God arranges all things by His sovereign counsel in such a way that individuals are born who are doomed from the womb to certain death, and are to glorify Him by their destruction.’ God brought them into the world with the specific purpose of glorifying Him by being destroyed.”

Why Calvinism Does Not Reflect the Nature and Character of God


Published on Jul 15, 2019

Watch the full QandA: https://bit.ly/2Yafgxd