Steven Ben-Nun: The Talmud, Nephilim, Rabbi Itzhak Shapira

Rabbi Itzhak Shapira video Steven shows a clip from: the Endtimes showdown: “Israel vs. Edom”

Exposing the Gate-Keepers – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Nov 2, 2019

Israeli News Live

There is very little time for repentance but while there is time we must turn to Christ Jesus/ Yehsua the Messiah with all our hearts and flee to him. The gate keepers have a different approach the way that leads to destruction

Steven Ben-Nun

8297 Champions Gate Blvd #442

Champions Gate, FL 33896


minute 16.00…

minute 113.00…


Deut 18

Mathew 12:26-35 but be sure to read 36 too “every idol word” references the oral law

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