Joel Skousen on the Alex Jones Show, 11/6/19, transcribed by me:

“I’m trying to analyze why is it that people get angry when I criticize Donald Trump on principle. And they know that I’m right. They know that he’s failed to do something. Why do they get angry about it?

I think the real reason as I’ve analyzed it is that people don’t want to face failure. They don’t want to face the fact that we’re losing.

You can only give a certain amount of hope when you’re up against the deep state as deep as Donald Trump is. The evidence shows that all of his successes are just temporary. …

I’ve criticized the Q phenomenon as a false disinformation campaign to keep up conservative hopes, false hopes about draining the swamp. …

I’m afraid people have a false illusion of hope. And that’s why they get angry…. It’s not because we’re anti-Trump. We desperately want Trump to do what’s right. He just doesn’t end up doing it most of the time, so we’re losing. And even if he were doing it all right, we may still not be able to overcome the deep state. It is so powerful. It is so evil and so powerful, and ultimately it’s a Satanic conspiracy which has a great deal of power, a revelatory power which directs their things. And they’ve got a lot in store for us.

So what I’m saying is: don’t count everything on Donald Trump. You must prepare for the takedown. You’ve got to prepare for relocation. You’ve got to prepare for war. Those things are coming. We’re not going to be able to stop them.”


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