Key points by E. Michael Jones transcribed by me:

3:10 “The crucial thing you have to understand here is something that St. Augustine said at the time of the fall of the Roman empire. He said ‘a man has as many masters as he has vices.’ If you want to avoid masters, you have to avoid vices. At the time of the revolution, a man by the name of Marquis de Sade turned that upside down. What he saw was if you want to control people promote vice.

9:30 “The people who control the media don’t want you to move away from it [porn and masturbation].”

10:05 The Psychology Today article claiming porn is beneficial because it makes people more docile and accepting of homosexuality, etc. “I agree with what they said. That’s absolutely the point of pornography and masturbation. It makes you docile. It makes you isolated. And people who want to keep you docile and isolated promote it. … If you want to wreck people lives, this is one way to do it. It’s probably the simplest way, if you’re a male to wreck your life, to get you addicted to this. The simplest way for a female is to have an abortion. It turns out, hey, there’s one group promoting both of these things.”

14:19 “A figure like St. Thomas Aquinas would say ‘lust darkens the mind.’This is exactly why pornography is a weapon. I brought this out at the beginning of Libido Dominandi, describing the Israeli troupes coming into Ramallah. They come in, take over the TV station, and start broadcasting pornography. This is a conquering army taking over your culture, and they’re broadcasting pornography. Are they doing this because they want to liberate you? No, they’re doing it because it’s a weapon against the indigenous population to keep them docile, divided, preoccupied by their passions, isolated, and so on.”

35:45 “I think people are pagans now not because they believe that Thor actually exists. I don’t think that’s possible anymore. I think that the main problem is your behavior. You call yourself a pagan because you’re in rebellion against the Logos. And the Logos for 2,000 years has been identified with Jesus Christ. So you’ve decided you want to live a law according to principles that you cannot reconcile with moral behavior, and that’s why you’ve adopted this identity.

37:00 “Paganism is an excuse to indulge in these things that you know are wrong.”

Groypers, Coomers and Kochsuckers – E. Michael Jones on the Groypcast

Nov 16, 2019

E. Michael Jones

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