Liz Wheeler on “applause for literal pole dancing during the Super Bowl halftime show” — 3 minute video and my transcription:

“Degrading women has tragic cultural consequences. … What message is that supposed to send to little girls? … ‘Hey, little ladies, if you exploit your sexuality you’ll be successful.’

That is not ‘women’s empowerment.'” That is exploitation of women, demeaning women to mere objects, degrading the beauty of female sexuality.

And what message was this performance supposed to send to young men? How are we supposed to expect men to respect women when we teach them to applaud for women portrayed as sex objects. Might as well take the kids and all the young preteen boys who watch the Super Bowl to the strip club at halftime. ‘Female empowerment!’

Her lack of respect for her own body doesn’t justify your lack of respect for her. …

This is…a cultural crisis when even 70% of ‘Christian’ men watch pornography. …

If you are so desensitized to what’s degrading to women that you’re defending this halftime show as being totally fine and appropriate, then maybe it’s time for a heart check, because you might be part of the cultural problem.

By the way, where is the outcry from feminists who claim they fight against the sexual exploitation of women?”

Previous not-family-friendly halftime shows that Liz mentions: Beyonce, Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Adam Levine.

Super Bowl Halftime Show: Cultural Decay

Feb 3, 2020