Members don’t compete, they COMPLETE each other

Mar 3, 2020

Eternal Call

Dear brothers and sisters, two days ago I had a vision at night and God showed me a grave error the body of Christ is making. True Christians are making a big mistake. That is they are COMPETING with each other.

We are all trying to work and labour for Christ but many of us are just doing our own works. We have our own ideas of what Jesus Christ wants to do, we have our own expectations and selfish ambitions. We have an image of what we want to be and what we want to accomplish but is that TRULY what Jesus Christ wants each of us to do?

There is a difference in wanting something and doing something that God TRULY desires. It is useless to do things out of our own efforts only to realize God never asked us to do these things.

I see many Christians on social media and I am saddened when I see that most discussions are geared toward the glory of men and our accomplishments. Some are so opinionated about doctrine, they have a need to be right. But God is not interested in us being right, He would rather we are righteous instead. It is not about being right, it is about being righteous and graceful.

Others are showcasing their accomplishments, what they think they have done for God. It is about numbers and statistics: “We have led many to Christ..”, “we have x church members.. “, “I started to heal… “.. It is all about what “I” or “WE”, glory of men disguised.

In the meantime, people are dying and being lost. They come to Christ and rare are the TRUE followers of Christ WHO LOVE on them. Yet, we know as human beings that a child who just began to walk WILL stumble. New born again Christians NEED stronger Christians next to them to TRULY love them and be an example to them.

How can we do that? IT IS BY BEING AN EXAMPLE OF JESUS HIMSELF. Our focus needs to be on JESUS ALWAYS.

I pray today that we put back the focus on Jesus and Him ALONE. I pray that we ALL remember that it is JESUS ALONE who saves, that it is not about “our” accomplishments, it is all about HIM and it is all about Him expanding his Kingdom.

We preach Jesus and we TRUST JESUS do DO HIS WORKS. We only need be WILLING VESSELS.

May God bless you

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