Someone’s on the prowl, trying to take us down
But we ain’t giving up now
A liar and a thief, coming after you and me
But we ain’t giving up now

The harder the wind will blow, the deeper our roots will go,
And the devil’s gonna hang, oh the devil is gonna hang,
The devil is gonna hang from his own gallows

Though the waters try to drown, and the flames they surround oh
We ain’t giving up now
Even though we may tread through the valley of death oh
We ain’t giving up now

If you’re stumbling in the dark, run your hands against the walls
Find every window, every door, throw them open, throw them open
In will flood a blinding light, and it will chase away the night
Even if you shield your eyes, let it pour in, let it pour in

“Gallows” by Jess Ray

Nov 20, 2018

Jess Ray


By: Jess Ray


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