39:00 “Think about this: if every time somebody died from the flu was reported in the media, like they are reporting the coronavirus, the whole world would be in lockdown every flu season. … A constant barrage. … Around 50,000 die in this country every year from the flu. If they treated the flu the same way they are treating the coronavirus, the way they talk about it on the media, seriously, the entire world would be in lockdown every flu season. This is a deliberate hype of the media to instill abject fear and panic in the people.”

1:04:00 “By closing their services, churches have declared themselves to be nonessential services. … Churches have less courage and conviction about God’s work than the baby butchers at Planned Parenthood have about the Devil’s work.”

When Churches Shut Down But Planned Parenthood Stays Open, Pulpitandpen.org (3/21/2020)

COVID-19 truth begins at 36:30

COVID 19: A Pretext For Civil Tyranny And An Opportunity For Christian Toughness – Mar. 22, 2020

Mar 23, 2020

This message was preached by Pastor Chuck Baldwin on Sunday, March 22, 2020, during the service at Liberty Fellowship. To purchase a copy of this message or to support the fellowship, please visit LibertyFellowshipMT.com.