The media, including most “Christian” media did not report this.

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FL Pastor Arrested for Holding Church Service

Mar 30, 2020

TAMPA, FL – Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne, pastor of The River at Tampa Bay Church, was arrested at his home today by Hernando County Sheriff Deputies for holding a church service yesterday. …

Pastor Howard-Browne and the church took extra precautions for the church meeting yesterday, including:

  •  Enforced the six-foot distance between family groups in the auditorium as well as the overflow rooms;
  •  All the staff wore gloves;
  •  Every person who entered the church received hand sanitizer;
  • In the farmer’s market and coffee shop in the lobby, the six-foot distance was enforced with the floor specifically marked (farmer’s markets and produce stands are expressly exempted);
  • The church spent $100,000 on a hospital grade purification system set up throughout the church that provides continuous infectious microbial reduction (CIMR) that is rated to kill microbes, including those in the Coronavirus family.