Few seem to be talking about the death toll that may result if the economy remains shut longer than it should.  And how many have already died? I reject the notion that wanting to reopen America puts “profits over people.” I see some on the Left putting political agenda over people.

Lives Depend on Economic Activity. When you stop that, then you kill people. …

Our definition of safety must be weighed against the risk of death from listening to leftists who have other goals.

It is far too tempting for the Left. They have demonstrated a passion for three things to happen:

• They want desperately, above all else, for Trump to lose the election.
• They want to replace Free Market Capitalism with Socialism.
• And they want to weaken the church.

If the virus becomes an open-ended political excuse—relying on models that are leftist and not scientific—then we have to do some deep soul searching. If we see our leaders are willing to allow the deaths that we know will happen from a dead economy—and closed churches—because they want to prevent the ones that might happen, then it’s no longer prudence, it’s politics.